KZN shares their “secret sauce” ingredients for greater social impact

1 Dec 2017

For the launch of our Online Peer Learning community, we used a fun “potjiekos” recipe analogy to explore truths around collaboration and social investment. In line with this theme, we asked a few of our Panel members from our Expert Collabs to give us a glimpse of their “secret sauce” for greater social development impact.


Here are some “secret sauce” nuggets from the KwaZulu Natal Collabs.


Brad Wills heads up Operations Improvement at Fulfil Consulting. As a proudly South African business consultancy, they have a desire to see local organisations and the people who serve them become world leaders. He says that, when it comes to social investment, their “secret sauce” is being “others-focussed”, and willing to share.


This intentionally creates an openness where people can leverage relationships and resources. The biggest lesson that he has learned is to not “box” social investment into a compartment but to see it as a part of life that overflows naturally into caring and being generous. He enjoyed the diversity of thinking and different perspectives represented in the collabs, which helped to expand his framework of thinking.  


We are Durban exists to empower social dignity organisations in the eThekwini area to excel in their mandates. Linda Morrisson, We are Durban Managing Director, highlighted how “finding the right partner” is a key social impact “secret sauce” ingredient to never leave out of the recipe.


For them, social development is not just about companies finding an NPO partner that does good work, but a partner that is a right fit. She is excited about the “wedding analogy” vocabulary that was developed for the collabs. They are looking forward to using the analogy cross-sectorally. One of the other ingredients in their “secret sauce” is to help organisations discover who they are so that they can partner right. The wedding analogy helps them to give structure to this process. For her, the online Peer Learning community is an example of technology being used in a positive way.


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Cilnette Pienaar

Nation Builder Communication Consultant (Hatch Communication)


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