Companies Have Role In Upholding Human Rights

27 Mar 2017

This article first appeared in The Pretoria News as part of Nation Builder's In Good Company column.


Here is an excerpt:


Common sense says that we do indeed have responsibilities to each other if we are to make our rights practically real. For the common good, all employed people contribute part of their earnings to broader society through taxes. But many go beyond this. Here, companies as citizens go beyond the inherent good of their very existence to helping build SA through corporate social investment, enterprise development, skill development programmes, employee benefits in housing and bursaries, community social and labour plans (mining and alternative energy sectors), industry transformation charters, broadbased black economic empowerment codes of conduct (with the Department of Trade and Industry), King Committee codes of the Institute of Directors, national "pacts" on schooling, procurement, skills, and a "green economy", in programmes of volunteering work, and more besides. 


Read more by downloading the PDF of the article as it appeared in The Pretoria News.


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