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2 Feb 2017


The Nation Builder Blog brings together insights and thought leadership from experts in the field of business and development to inspire, challenge and share knowledge for greater social investment impact.


The Nation Builder blog regularly publishes current insights and knowledge sharing from our team and the latest thought leadership from some of the best minds from the worlds of corporate social investment (CSI) and socio-economic development to explore how social investment can be used to tackle a range of key social issues.


Our blog features opinion pieces, case studies and debate around key social issues affecting businesses and their partnership with not-for-profits and looks at ways that social investment can be used to address some of the most pressing societal challenges. These blog posts cover topics such as education policies, holistic business purpose, and anything else that is timely, relevant and worthy of, even demanding of, our attention.


Some of the previous blog series include:


  • Courageous business

  • The changing nature of business

  • Reasons for taking social investment to heart

  • Restoring dignity and creating opportunities

  • Practical ways to do good while doing well in business


The Nation Builder blog also features articles from our weekly column in the Pretoria News called “In Good Company”.


These blog posts are not just for, or written by, heads of CSI departments, but for and by people involved at the coal face - they include CEOs, consultancies, business schools, funders and NPOs as well as every day, ordinary men and women with a heart for building our nation through business.


While this blog is a champion for corporate social investment, or good giving, it also questions whether it is being applied as effectively as it should, and offering practical tips, case studies and knowledge-sharing to assist others to think more strategically, avoid certain pitfalls, and have a greater impact on society.


Visit the blog section on our website to explore insights and our take on good business, social investment, and important challenges pertaining to development as well as the celebration of success stories and best practice. 


Our blog provides you unlimited access to valuable shared knowledge from Nation Builder and our network of guest writers from a variety of fields.

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