How To Change Lives By Being Part Of Something Bigger [Video]

26 Jan 2017


Every day we are confronted with poverty and injustice – and every day we want to fix it. But the reality is that on our own, it will be quite difficult to make a significant and lasting difference in our society. As part of a bigger community, though, we genuinely can change lives.


At Nation Builder, we believe that businesses are key players in uplifting society. By working in partnership with NPOs and social initiatives, business is able to move quickly to address needs. If done strategically and sustainably, there’s no limit to the good they could do. 


Whether or not you are a business owner, the fact is that when ordinary people, like you and me, commit to understanding and being involved in responsible and sustainable social investment to build a prosperous South Africa, there’s no stopping us! We can start a movement of social change and begin to restore dignity to many South Africans.


By subscribing to the Nation Builder community, you join other business leaders, professionals, students, NPOs and other ordinary South Africans, united in the belief that together we can, and must, build our country. 


You will have access to world-class resources that contain practical information from leading experts on ensuring that social investment and other philanthropic initiatives are strategic, sustainable and useful.


You will be welcomed to events where you can meet like-minded individuals, share your ideas and learn from each other. 


Koos de la Rey, CEO of Oasis Water, has found that being part of the community has been an inspiring and enlightening experience. “Nation Builder gave me a platform to interact with other business leaders who have the same vision of impacting, and bringing positive change in South Africa. I am proud to be a part of this network.”


To become part of this movement to uplift South Africans and restore dignity, visit the Nation Builder website and sign up as a community member (at no charge). 


Communicate your commitment to our country and its future, and encourage others to take hands in being the strength of our nation.


As Helen Keller so rightly said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

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