How To Win At Social Investment – NPO and Business Partnerships

23 Jan 2017


More and more businesses and philanthropist are determined to drive positive change in society, but the truth is that they shouldn’t try to “fly solo” or change the world on their own.


Very little can be accomplished by individuals acting on their own – the odds of success are small. Instead, they should focus on being excellent at doing business so they can make enough money to be able to be philanthropic and invest in the work that reputable NPOs are doing within the community from which the businesses profit. These NPOs will have the insight and experience to be able to mobilise the funds they receive in the most effective and sustainable way.


However, many times when people are inspired to do good, even when they are committed to finding the right partner and working together, they are still unsure where to start. And sometimes, even though they are full of good intentions, the contributions and connections end up being ineffective or unsustainable. 


Nation Builder is uniquely positioned as a link between not-for-profit organisations and funder businesses, and can help businesses take those good intentions and transform them into real and useful contributions to society. Due to valuable input from both our member businesses and our partner NPOs, our team has an understanding of both sides of the funding equation. 


By providing world class resources, thought-provoking events and an online self-assessment tool, Nation Builder empowers businesses to take ownership of their social investment efforts and then be as effective as possible in making positive changes in society.


Nation Builder members are businesses that are committed to our country, its people and a future which benefits all South Africans. They are determined to use their business to drive positive change in South Africa, and have devoted themselves to ensuring that their social investment is well thought-out, sustainable and useful. 


Find out more and connect with Nation Builder businesses here.


On the other hand, our NPO partners are so much more than just beneficiaries of funds generated by the business community. They are bona fide partners in collaborating towards a greater, more empowered and prosperous South Africa. They help us to understand the flip side of the funding coin, and are able to make us aware of what NPOs really need in their daily operations.


These organisations have been carefully selected, and they are each a prime example of how the non-profit sector can be partners in making the biggest impact in communities that are in desperate need of help and upliftment.


Connect and get involved with our 16 NPOs here.


At Nation Builder, we want to bring shared knowledge from both sides and create strong partnerships. By using their resources more effectively, by being more strategic in their social investment, and by partnering with established NPOs, we believe that businesses will have a phenomenal impact on our nation.  

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