3 Things We Love About Our South African Heritage

22 Sep 2016



With Heritage Day around the corner, we want to take the time to celebrate South Africa and it’s people. Our country is brimming with wonderful things, so we decided to focus on just 3 of the many things we love:




Whether sports-mad, a foodie or a music-lover, we love local. With the huge diversity in South Africa, the cultures collide beautifully to create such a unique and special place.


Life isn’t always easy for many South Africans, but we are a resilient and proud people with the tenacity to keep going – and, of course, South Africans are famous for finding the fun in any situation.


Here is an excellent example.




South Africans, for the most part, are interested in each other’s lives. We live the spirit of Ubuntu: 'I am what I am because of who we all are'.


At Nation Builder, we are exposed to incredible “behind-the-scenes” generosity by people who feel that they have been given much only in order to share it with others. There is a sense of community, a feeling that “we are all in this together”, and people genuinely look out for each other.


Watch this and think if you don't agree.




South Africans make a way where there seems to be no way. We all know the unemployment statistics – but that doesn’t stop people from coming up with new inventive ways to make an income. 


At Nation Builder we are involved with many not-for-profit organisations. The people that serve these organisations must be some of the most entrepreneurial people in the world, as they come up with ingenious ways to continue providing funds for the social development work that they are doing.


This is what we're talking about!


If there is one thing we have learnt at Nation Builder is that no one culture makes up South Africa. We are the sum of all our heritages, and we need to be mindful when we step into social development work that we don’t go into a situation with the attitude of a “rescuer”. That only reinforces the idea that some of us think we are superior, and are helping those who are inferior. Rather, we should seek ways to benefit each other, and as we learn more from and about each other, we will be on the road to an even better South Africa.


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