What Is The 2016 In Good Company Conference?

Today the most successful businessmen and women aren’t just those who make the most profit, but those that are able to position their companies as powerful forces for good in our country and community.


We want to learn from success stories and be inspired by the impact that business has already made on our country. But we also want to challenge the status quo. Together, we want to know what to do and how to do it better. 


In Good Company 2016: Courageous Business is a call to re-envision our businesses’ roles as committed corporate citizens in ways that will bring both positive business results and the maximum positive change to society. This will require being courageous in the questions we ask of ourselves and of others. It means having brave conversations. It means taking bold actions and making courageous decisions in response to change. 


In this way we will empower others, enrich the economy, and build our nation.


The In Good Company 2016 Conference happens on Tuesday 30 August 2016 at the Atterbury Theatre, Lynnwood, Pretoria.


Find out more and register today.

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