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10 May 2016

After a very successful breakfast in Gauteng, where speaker and entrepreneur GG Alcock shared his insights with Nation Builder members, we decided to fly him down to Cape Town, to share his wisdom with our members down in the Western Cape as well. 


Wednesday 4 May 2016 was the perfect autumn morning at the beautiful Devon Valley Hotel. Members had the opportunity to catch up over a cup of coffee and connect with friends and fellow Nation Builder members. 


Keri-Leigh Paschal gave a brief introduction to the Nation Builder story and encouraged business leaders to join the journey to create a better South Africa.  GG followed suit and gave us new hope about the future of our country. Having grown up in a Zulu community, GG was able to enlighten us about the booming informal market in South Africa.

According to GG, the informal economy makes up for almost 30% of the country’s GDP. A different business language is spoken in this sector, and I am not referring to Zulu. GG understands the cultural differences and revealed to us how millionaires are made through operating from home selling things like “kotas” – quarter loaves of bread filled with things like “slap chips”. This is indeed a market to watch in future!  


The real life stories that GG has to tell are too many to fit into one breakfast meeting.


Fortunately his book was for sale and people grabbed the opportunity to buy one. If you are in business in South Africa it might be worth your while to get one too.


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