We Just Made Your Learning Curve A Little Less Steep

4 May 2016

Business leaders join the Nation Builder community for various reasons.


One of the most common considerations is to learn more about how to maximise their good giving efforts. In this lies one of the major benefits of Nation Builder membership - easy access to useful and meaningful resources, and a community that learns together.


So many valuable lessons have been learnt in the good giving industry – usually through trial and error. We want to share these lessons with you, a Nation Builder member, so that you can continue to grow in your good giving journey. We understand, however, that you are busy and do not always have the time to leave what you are doing and travel to a seminar or conference.


That is why we have decided to host our webinar series. 


In this way, you can stay in your office and just take half-an-hour to meet over Skype with like-minded business people as we discuss a specific topic related to good giving. An expert in the field will present a short session, and then everyone will have a chance to discuss the topic and ask questions. Here you can learn from others, but also share your insights. We feel it is important for those working towards the greater good to be able to collaborate and share ideas, as this is not a competition, but a journey towards building a better South Africa.


To see a list of our scheduled webinars and to register, see our events page. If you are not yet a Nation Builder member and want to have access to the webinars and a host of other benefits, visit our website and complete the free online benchmarking tool.

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