What Are Your Reasons For Making A Difference?

It is scary how easily we do things, both in business and in life, without deeply considering our reasons for doing it. Understanding the true purpose of our actions, will help us to do things in better ways, as we increasingly understand our reasons for acting, in the first place.


Simply put, knowing the why behind what we do, informs the how of what we do.


John F Kennedy famously said that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”


Becoming a Nation Builder member isn’t any different.


There are specific reasons why a local business would choose to see its purpose as more than the mere generating of profit, and commit its resources, wealth and knowledge towards investing in its community, our country and the world. Aligning your business with Nation Builder, and joining the movement of companies who are doing business with a purpose, means that your business too, have discovered its own reasons for building our nation.


We understand that all companies are unique, and that all have differing reasons for their social investment. However, we can assume with some accuracy, that all business who are investing in their communities, want to do it in responsible ways, and with maximum impact.


Your business’ Nation Builder membership not only seeks to serve your business as it lives out its own unique higher purpose, but also exists to benefit your company in very real and practical ways on its good giving journey.


For the next couple of posts we are going to look at some of the reasons, benefits and implications of what it means to become a Nation Builder member. 


If you’re still wondering whether the Nation Builder business community is a good fit for your company, and its social investment strategy, follow along here as we explore why behind the how of building our nation.

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